“I’ve increased my workshop attendance by 300%!” In just the short time I’ve been working with her, I’ve seen change in my relationship with my husband which has been one of the emotional blocks to my business success.” J.P.

“I love your positivity, and the help and guidance you have provided. It almost feels a little unreal and magical sometimes when we are discussing things…I love it.” Megan

“Maria Gavriel is a truly gifted coach. She has a unique ability to get to the heart of whatever is needed to help you unleash your full potential. Her coaching style is nurturing, yet empowering. She coaches you to create action steps from day 1 and helps you clear away anything standing in your way. I can’t say enough about Maria. I am so grateful to have her as my coach.” Lorraine Miller ~

“I honestly can’t find the words to describe how helpful it is to work with Maria. She is very gifted at holding space for me, because she gives me complete permission to be myself. And because she’s so good at holding space, it provides the perfect vehicle for my innate wisdom to come out. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been frustrated and confused one minute, then the next minute I’m on the phone with her and I immediately feel realigned with my purpose. Her presence alone, with its wise and loving heart, brings forth my own wisdom.” Anna ~ Organo Coffees and Teas

“Maria has a natural instinct to say the right words at the right time and is very intuitive to my response, both verbal and non-verbal. She allows me to grow in my own way while accelerating that growth with exercises, different healing modalities and effective communication. ” Janice

“I consider myself very lucky to have Maria as a friend, partner in passion, guide and also as my life coach. Her intuitive, heart-centered, very honest approach always challenges me to stretch my capacity, to go deeper and play bigger on my current life games. I trust her. She has a gift of really seeing people, a true empath and Healer, and she herself knows how to play a big game. Her guidance is graceful and powerful and she has a way to get me to see the root of any issue and infuse it with light and willful action. She is the real deal. Having her as a coach is such a blessing for me as I have an alley that I can really level up with- an alley in creating big breakthroughs in my life and truly manifesting the Love, Community and financial stability I dream of.”
Olga Christodoulou

“Maria has the rare ability to listen with respect and without judgement, yet to honestly give her opinion and guidance in a positive supportive way. She comes from a place of authenticity and genuine interest in providing support in whatever way she is able to. Be it through her acquired skills and experience or her strong intuition. Maria has unequivocally demonstrated her intention to be of service and help where she is called on and it’s obvious where other peoples triumphs and breakthrough’s bring her true fulfillment. Maria is in your corner and she is cheering you on.” She is a powerhouse!” Maria Tsismentzoglou

“I’ve experienced Maria’s speaking and leadership abilities in making a difference in our communities. Her commitment to create a better world is inspirational. ” Debra Betesh

“Maria is an inspiring, engaging, and an empowering individual. She makes me feel authentically supported when she asks how she can help and genuinely means it. She has a passion for helping people and achieving her goal which is to support and love every individual uniquely providing the tools they need to see all the possibilities within their life. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have.” Laura Mongello

“You have changed my life in a positive way. God Bless you.” Jane ~ Kenya, Africa

“Each phone session has been revealing, nurturing, educational and transforming for me. Maria’s listening skills, spiritual and emotional support, compassion and knowledge have enabled me to embrace who I am, and where I am, and have hope for the change I am seeking in my life. What I love the most are the tools she so freely taught me to use when I need them, whether I choose a time to practice, or am having a difficult moment and need to move through it towards healing. I no longer fear or criticize my emotional difficulties. I know they are a way for me to understand myself and if I choose, begin the process of change. Maria freely shared her own experiences and means of healing which was immensely useful to me to use as a guide for myself. I continue to share and trust and build a life which I could only dream of doing before her clear, loving and nurturing guidance. I am so grateful we met and offer thanks and gratitude for this amazing teacher!”
Kim B.

“First, I should acknowledge that the gratitude I have for Maria’s presence in my life is almost impossible to put into words. That being said, I’ll do my best to express what a true blessing and honor it is to have the opportunity to work with Maria.

Before our paths crossed, I was pretty much on autopilot. I was experiencing challenges in almost every aspect of my life – in my relationships, with my family, in my career and with my health. When I started working with Maria, all of this began to change. Each session provided me with small and subtle shifts that began to have a noticeable impact on my life. The tools and modalities I have learned from Maria have allowed me to implement her strategies in “real time” as obstacles arise, and the resources she has provided to me have complemented my work with her, taking my healing and growth to the next level.

To this day, I am still amazed how I can come into a session with Maria and feel so confused and uncertain, but once we start working together, I suddenly know all of the answers. The fascinating thing is that the answers have been there all along, inside of me! Maria creates this beautiful, non-judgmental and clear space that has guided me back to my inner voice that became so muted by all of life’s distractions.

She is a true healer and gift from above. I wish everyone in this world the opportunity to work with her and to be touched by her grace.”

– Kim C.”


“My life before coaching was very stagnant, dull, and unfulfilled in some areas of my life. I felt as though I was in a rut and kept on hitting a wall. I wasn’t getting much joy out of the small things, or even big things in life. I was very preoccupied with the past/future, and really wasn’t focusing on the present.

My biggest breakthrough with Maria being my coach was the ability to take a step back and look at the bigger picture through different lenses. Working with her, I learned how to mange stress and communicate better with people. I truly gained a lot of knowledge working with her, and even woke up my creative side which has been dormant in the past years.

My life now after being coached for just a couple of months has already changed for the better.

I find that my relationships are more pleasant, I am communicating more clearly, and I am overall happier with a lot of decisions I have made. I feel more confident, joyful, and I am learning to just trust my gut.

I would definitely recommend Maria to just about anyone. She has impacted my life in so many positive ways. I learned to celebrate the small victories in life that I have taken for granted, and to also bounce back from any setback with a positive frame of mind.

I have learned so much from her in the little time I have known her.

She challenges your body both mentally and physically with ease. She is truly a blessing coming into anyone’s life.” – Meghan S.

“Maria is a fantastic coach. Before I met Maria I was frustrated, easily angered, creatively blocked, and most importantly I felt like spiritually I was just living hand to mouth and didn’t understand why despite of on paper having checked off so many boxes that typically define success in life, I wasn’t happy. I was itching to do more with my coaching abilities but didn’t know what that could look like. I was fearful of how I would eventually navigate my future role as a wife and mother with my career aspirations (it didn’t seem possible that they could co-exist and I still feel capable and in control of my life). I’m so thankful that I decided to jump on that one 15 min intro call with Maria (which actually turned into over an hour long) because it opened my eyes to ways I saw my old self and who I could become. We commenced our six month coaching engagement the week before my wedding and since then I’ve learned so much about myself, and done so much to grow my coaching business that otherwise would never have happened. I’m overall better at managing my emotions and self-understanding and this has dramatically opened up opportunities everywhere in my life. I didn’t quite believe in the power of coaching before but now I know it is life changing. If you are debating about whether or not go have a coach, the
answer is always yes. And if you do decide to have a coach, I highly recommend Maria. She is full of magic!” ~ Lucy S.

“In just a few hours, Maria has helped me by bringing more clarity to situations I’ve been dealing with for too long. Her positivity, and methods in approaching our dream life as a whole is a true blessing. Thank you Maria” ~ Monica, UK

  • Are you ready to Align and Live your Truth? Are you ready to awaken, come alive, and let the world know who you are? To offer your unique gifts, and earn big while being of service? You absolutely are. Your first step is eager and waiting. And I'm honored to take your hand through it. You'll find me here.

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